Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stocking Stuffer

This week Lauren challenged us to use her Stocking Stuffer Template from the PTI My Timeless Templates collection. This is a FREE download, so there is no excuse not to try this and join in.

I downloaded Lauren's template as soon as it was available, but this is the first time I have actually used it. I guess sometimes it takes a challenge to get my butt in gear.

This is the gift package I made with the template. I decided to use more traditional colours so I pulled out my retired Cranberry Crisp and Truely Thyme and got to work. I printed the template out on each colour, so now I can go back and make another stocking that is the same, but with the opposite colours for the body, and the toe, heel, and top.

The top "cuff" is fuzzy because I used my two way glue pen, and added some fun flock. I love how you can still kind of see the red coming through the fun flock.

I also used my scor-pal to create the faux quilting so that it would have a more traditional feel to the stocking.

I adhered my "box" between the stockings right at the top, so that the goodies could be well seen. Unfortunately, that caused the gift to be top heavy, and it kept trying to fall over. I solved that by creating two braces out of some of the excess paper.

Now my stocking is super secure.

I knew I wanted to sew the toe and heel pieces on to my stocking,

but I also wanted the stitching to be evenly spaced, and I didn't want it to be impossible to sew through two layers of card stock.

So I first pierced the paper using this great plastic canvas piercing guide that Alli sent me when I bought some of her old stamps. Thanks Alli!

I made this all up last night while I was watching TV, so these templates are really easy to use. Please take a look at what the others on the sketch team have done, then download your own template, and share your creation with us!

Lauren Meader Alicia Weimen


Lauren (mytime) said...

You totally rocked this. LOVE the stitching. Cool way of bracing it. I haven;t had any issues yet, but will remember that JUST in case. Thanks for sharing that tip :D

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my goodness, this is cute! I love how you sewed the toe. Clever, clever, clever!!

Anonymous said...

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