Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketch from the past!

If you read Lauren's blog you know that she had some SUPER exciting news last week, and has been really busy with family commitments, so there isn't a new sketch for this week. What we have decided is to do a recap of our favourite sketches. This will become a regular feature of the sketch challenge participants.

I have chosen a sketch I missed from a few weeks ago. I hoped to have two cards done, but time got away from me. I do have another image coloured, but I am in meetings all day so I don't know if it will get up today or not.

I have been participating in a fantastic image swap for Canadians on SCS, and this Bride to be image is one I got from the swap. If you are Canadian you should check it out.

My sister is getting married this August, and her colours are pink and chocolate brown, so that is where I drew my inspiration for this card.

I just opened a new bottle of crystal effects, and I cut the hole to big, so the CE came out of the bottle too quickly and the glossy-ness of the work bride turned into the messiness of the word bride. I really like the way the glitter flowers turned out though, and I think I may reproduce this card before her shower this summer.

Please visit the rest of the sketch crew to see which sketches they chose to reproduce.

Lauren Meader
Maria Levine
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Kirsten Dubosque
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MacKenzie Bruckler
Alicia Weimen
Kendra Wisenbaker


Heather said...

Well, now I know what my card will look like! :P

Paola said...

Very sweet card.

Anita Hovey said...

Thanks for promoting the image swap on your blog. Please answer my PM about the same thread.